That from meaningless Korean bashing, to pay tribute to neighboring countries, to join hands firmly’m important

Columnist Kato Mr. Fuji TV bashing that originated in the Twitter remarks actor Takaoka Sousuke becomes hot topic in China, and was asked to comment on local media.Turmoil of a series, How I wonder was really reflected in the eyes of “the most famous Japanese in China” this?■ I will not love Japan’s unique culture, but the same thing to eliminate the culture of other countries is a completely different story.Let’s stop the pointless criticism! Recently, bashing into the Korean Wave is now a hot topic in Japan, this matter have been pay attention to the Chinese media, may I also asked to comment.Because it is popular Korean drama in China. I do not mean to defend the Fuji TV, but I want to make sure first about this problem is that television station that is broadcasting “Korean drama. Taking audience rating” from.Select the program that seems to take the audience share as a business, and I mean to win the sponsor which is perfectly normal. Whether that nationalism was overkill it, that’s just crap Korean because I do not like is not quite right,.You complain it does not matter, but I do direct talks to the president of the television station anyway.”Because I made the good things in themselves, and I left the Korean Wave”, and you should bring an alternative in case. Certainly the.Muscle does not pass through it than to just simply criticism.It is a story to “You are! do it you were” called. If there is a culture of its own in Japan, I love it, I am proud. On the other hand, the culture of South Korea’s coming to Japan would be welcome.Influx of Korean culture, because it should be stimulated good for Japan. People who speak out on any of this time probably, I think you’re happen to overreact simply because there is no confidence in their own culture.So, assuming you have a fit of thought exclusive simply because I feel threatened in the deep psyche, it is a vicious circle unproductive very. I think with “society mura” island nation of Japan, and there is also a temperament that can not easily repel others certainly.But, there is a history that after the Meiji Restoration, and the introduction of technology and many cultures from Europe and the United States, was developed especially while also fact.And if it is possible to accept obediently the culture of other countries, the next step is waiting for surely the future. Future, Japan will be forced to tough international competition, such as lowering of economic strength and aging.All you need now is what, that pay homage to the neighboring countries, to join hands firmly.Does not merely join hands, “to bring the principle of competition among collaborative” It is a thing.In some cases, there will be “to bring collaboration to competition” also in reverse. Good example is the Japan-Korea co-hosted soccer W Cup 2002.By using the friendly competition and cooperation at that time, infrastructure development in both countries go, level of football has improved in addition. Including China, it is important for the cooperation of the three East Asian countries survive the international community in the future.For example, it will enter into FTA those of Japan, China and South Korea, such as the (free trade agreement) will also need. I I think there is a complex historical background for this three countries, but, in fact, the chemistry is very good To cooperate.Including the characteristics of the culture in which different island nation, continent, that peninsula, population, “specs” national and economic force is not well loosened, a variety of problem is less likely to occur than if each other are similar.Being able three countries recognize the individuality of each, and complement each other well, great development in the East Asian region will be expected. If you need my power to bridge the gap between the three countries, then you have a ready to go out.It Is not that the same fellow Asia.Let’s compete Accept.There is a culture to be proud of in the world, including the support of Koshien, of sending a Yale competitors in Japan.If and only Korean, why it would not be honest.■ Born April 28, Yoshikazu Kato (Kato, Ryoichi) 1984, Shizuoka Prefecture.After graduating from high school, studied in Peking University in Single.The columnist and interviewed more than 300 per year, with a book of many in China.10,000 people gathered to tell the truth “does become a bridge of the Sea of ​​Japan We” (Diamond) [Articles] Nainai Okamura, the remark “Do not look if you do not want to watch TV,” the writings of the first newly written completely in Japanese?I inflame say Fuji TV employees who said, “or TV station of Korea” and “bad brainwashing feeling” to damage Takaoka Sousuke demonstrators protest “arm-twisting flow can” Odaiba abuzz gave Fuji TV “KARA division fuss” There was a news arbitrary?”Rule of five” for not burst into flames on Twitter