Risk of illness and death due to alcohol is high living alone?

A high degree of freedom is unrestrained living alone, it is easy to whatever you want whenever you want.Therefore, if you were living alone for many years, and live together with someone other impossible! Those who feel also come to the?

However, living alone does not seem to be only good thing.According to the research of Finland was introduced overseas site in the “mail online”, people who live alone, the risk of death by alcohol that I rise.

In the specialized agencies of Helsinki, research on 18,200 people who alcohol died due to 2000-2007 have been made.Then, poisoning and liver disease of alcohol-related, of people who died from violence or accident, about 67 percent seems to have found that living alone was.

In 2000-2003, more than you have roommates or married, more single person such as he had more role four times liver disease.And four years of tax alcohol from down in 2004, the difference was Mashi Hirori up to 5 times.

Woman living alone is also so were many alcohol-related death compared to women who live with family, but the difference between married and single people seems less than men.

Experts, I believe loneliness is or not than the one of the causes.Single person is that while there is a possibility that beguile in liquor loneliness, because there are people who will point out before you drink too much a couple, and of whether not the less likely a serious situation such as death.

It is the choice of each as to whether you want to get married, but it has been activated for many years living alone, it should feel the loneliness in people who like one person, no matter how.But it has been fully excessive drinking in order to avoid the feeling of loneliness, risk of death and disease is higher.

In order to avoid the risk, finding the fun by, for example, expanding the circle of friends regularly you may have a important.We recommend you to take it or not try before, was also introduced on this site, such as “How to beguile the lonely bathing”.

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Ref: dailymail.co.uk (http://p.tl/8KFi)