When I look at the real world while enjoy the painting

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Do not Let’s closing in on topic for a change, has become a hot topic while using the well-known painting today.I liked it or watching a painting from a young age, to draw things on your own.When the elementary and junior high school students, you can draw a flip book in the corner of the textbook, you have to draw and portrait of a teacher, I remember it was from Kozuka from teacher well.That there is such a naughty mind has not changed, but though they have habit of viewing the painting also does not change, you have to carry your feet on the museum at a pace of about one degree in January.The walk is stop by the temple, buy art books and postcards, are enjoying a time to look at a cafe on the way home to the National Museum in Roppongi, especially.

Now it is the main topic, but is “(star of dance) Etoile” Degas this attachment work.It is said to have told the art dealer Degas “referred to as the painter” and “dance that my people but dancer is only a pretext for expressing beautiful movement and costume for me,”.What it says, I have captured accurately in stunning drawing force moment of elegant action full of the dignity of (star of dance) Etoile which bathed the foot light on the edge of the stage in this work.Depiction of costumes admirable further, making full use skillfully pastel and monotype, and expresses vividly along with the shine of a semi-transparent, the costumes of dancers lit by footlights.He also he portrays the cool-headed even human events that go beyond only to express the beauty of the dancers, unfolds behind the scenes.

At the time, be a patron of the ballerina was the status symbol of sorts for the human upper-class.Might have been a reason that requires a patron on the part of the dancer of course.Without the support of patrons, it may be did not dance the dance performance is not satisfied.In other words, it must have not only pure love, hatred also was swirling in there.That we’re caught without missing these tragicomedy.In the present work, man in black faceless standing at the foot of the stage is the patron meaning volunteers or patron,.It’s depicts without express beauty of ballet visible on the surface only (light) Degas, without fear realities of reality (shadow).

And go beyond the world of the dancer, who has been co-exist with conflicting things that light and shadow.It Shimada Shinsuke said the other day, was a popular entertainer retired suddenly would still fresh in our minds.He was working as a presenter on the show a number of.In addition to living in a mansion, real estate business, which has been carried out on the side also seems to have been successful, and owns a large amount of assets.Also looked like relationship with a woman many celebrities rumored, and if they sent a brilliant entertainment life people could envy.However, had had with not only such center stage to shine, also part of the shadow of “the relationship between anti-social forces”.He may have had a relationship willingly, or it may be cut off did not even want to break the relationship.Can not be known to me, and nor do I want to know it also, but he tell me again to the people of the world that the behind-the-scenes of the ugly reality and the front stage, such as the dream of success in the entertainment industry exists gave me.

However, light and shadow will be present in every industry.There was a time when words were asked Nantes “pillow business” for a period of time even in the financial industry.Aspect of light work off a large amount of financial instruments, that brilliant track record of in-house shrewd salesman, may are accompanied by cost of sales of the night.The same thing must have happened to be within the enterprise politics.On the surface, the thing has been orchestrated that it will seem to belong to a faction, and Oiotosu someone behind the scenes must be present as a daily occurrence.

It can be said Degas, but it is with the bound by only the side of the light and encouragement to practice dancer is hard even severely, that shine on center stage, and that portrays relentlessly in sobering observation eye, the drama unfolding in front and back of the stage will.Many people are not a little, it should have had light and shadow, but it might have to pretend that does not take a look at the aspect of human.The thing to admire the painting, there will also be entered by the sharpness of the painter, falling into feeling heart as sometimes gouged.In addition there may be that you feel like you’re mercilessly reflects the real world.

To live a life of one person one person different, respectively, and he has to have the drama we like Tsumo one single painting 1.To look at the painting somehow, and indulge in deep emotion also is in the way of enjoying one of the occurrences, and not be said to appreciate while comparing the real world also, while envision feelings of painter background and the painting has been delineated as well as fun I wonder.