Three ways to increase the probability that sit in the seat of a train

When the tired mode, such as commuting, attending school, I want to sit in the seat if possible.But to secure a seat on a crowded train that really hard.Want to start from today, the effort to expect from the event, such as the miracle of “sit down seat nearby vacant by chance”, to increase the probability that sit for any length of time.■ 1 the way: If you take the train standing position, you decide where you stand first.At that time, people who choose a pole near the front of the door I think this is one of the more the long vacant.But, in order to increase the probability that sit, we do not recommend this standing position.That means Paul around, only when the seat next to empty soon, to sit immediately can not be.So always try to keep stationed near the center of the long seat if possible.It will be two to three times when the probability that sit when the seat is vacant, standing in the vicinity of the pole.■ the Method 2: people are commuting by train the same observation every day people around, or will not be many able to ride the same vehicle, from the same entrance.If you take a Mire try careful around a little, and notice that there are people that rode in the same vehicle every day in the same way.For example, I’m quite easy If you only remember the school uniform of middle and high school students.Once you can do the uniforms of students who are on a railroad on, you get to know do you get off at any station to ensure.■ 3 the way: people who use the train every day during rush hour commuting and commuting use the time difference, I feel that there than to spend a certain percentage of the power of the day I’ll be.But, please try to think about.Do I need to get on the train anyway?And if it is possible to avoid the rush, the probability of being able to sit down naturally also goes up.You get up early it might very much, and to be pressed and packing tightly on the train, and of going while reading a book sitting, motivation will vary.The reason for using a train crowded with commuters is It would be tedious.I think with a little ingenuity, your commuting is becomes easier even a little.(Author: nanapi user · mimiwa EDIT: nanapi Editorial Photo: DMahendra from Flickr this method to the sitting position of the seat of the other related article, trains by bus or train or excuse realistic that can be used when it is late for company also workaround when the stomach is sore suddenly