Of 500 becquerels detection unmeasured “hot spots” often from Fukushima rice?

Has attracted the interest of radioactive cesium barely regulated value is detected from the rice in Fukushima Prefecture, and whether the ship even this.If so, consumers wonder understand.

From brown rice of “love at first sight”, 500 becquerels per kilogram -.It is a dose of radioactive cesium that has been detected in a preliminary study conducted in the old town of Obama Fukushima Nihonmatsu, prefecture announced on September 23, 2011.

For 501 becquerels or more is to exceed regulatory limits also possible that fell hit the mountain radioactive material, according to Fukushima Prefecture paddy field crops department, but not subject to restrictions on shipment if this dose.However, it becomes more than 200 becquerels be the subject of research emphasis, in the future, it was decided to increase the number of samples to 7-8 times.

Also in this study, it’s possible the shipment as long as 500 Bq or less if.

According to some reports, farmers grew rice this, said, “Consumers do not think safety” as, harvest shipments also not.In paddy field crops department of the prefecture, it was a “problem of it or not to sell”.However, by pollution close to the regulation value was found, on the net, voice complaining of anxiety about the shipment of rice from Fukushima is one after another.

Background of anxiety, and there is doubt that if not there has not been measured to the other “radiation hot spots”.

According to the person in charge of paddy field farming department, it is said that clay to adsorb cesium is often soil in the prefecture, rice is hard to suction.In the pilot study, except for the case of time, 161 Bq was highest.However, it is also possible that for the former Obama town, was a sand soil, the more rice is sucked up.In addition, the possibility that because it is in the mountains, fell hit the mountain radioactive material flowing from the primary is also a likely.

To begin with, cesium concentration in the soil was high old town near Obama.Nearby, there is also a 4601 Becquerel in paddy field survey of April 5000 becquerels per kilogram of soil for planting limit of rice-consuming.

If you, or do not need to investigate such a hot spot.

But hoarding of 10 annual rice was also happening, in the paddy field farming Division of Fukushima Prefecture, the area of ​​rice fields, many do not know where do I put the hand, hot spot investigation of paddy fields to their own that it does not.I have, such as replacement of soil with no progress.

In addition, even in the U.S. the regulatory value in example, a problem that can not be eliminated anxiety of consumers is also a likely.Because there is no convincing compared to 501 becquerels, I mean all right if 500 becquerel.

Toyama Yoko representative Steering Committee of the Consumers Union of Japan points out that in order to eliminate anxiety, it necessary to display the dose, such as cesium in the package of rice.

It is among other things, that there is no threshold of safety if this less in the “internal exposure.It is up to eat the rice, to anxiety in the end, I’ll be on the judgment of every one, of the customer “I want to provide snugly to consumer information, such as the dose rice dealer in an attempt to live up, and that attempts to display the dose actually even came out.

To expand the chain stores in Tochigi Prefecture in the “rice Square sugar” is up to that measure the dose to each type producer every Ask the inspection agency, to be displayed in the over-the-counter from October 2011 roast.(37) says President Naoto Sato.

I think study of “Fukushima Prefecture is ambiguous outline the old towns and villages, and the number is different in the middle and the end also paddy.So, I hear the audience also anxiety, that it does not know what to do to determine.In August, hoarding of 10 annual rice occurs, I have sold out to have full Some people buy 100 kg in one family.Dose display of this time, is that it was considered to be one Moraere Tsunishi of material judgment of the audience “On the other hand, the dose and display, there is also a different mindset.

Super major in “ion”, increasing the “Display, spokesperson will also be stir up unnecessary anxiety rather.In the house, I know that you’re not the display of excessive unnecessary, you are testing firm.You are talking about the 10 annual rice, biased movement is not observed, customers also “seems to be determined calm.

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