“Orz you too?” Rainy day Asahi beer in “Mondo winning pride”

When watching TV the other day, CM of Asahi beer flows by chance.I mean to have tired or rather in that it has surprised Well.

Mono What ‘s “most wheat Asahi” Daisannobiru but, orz Asahi is doing or “fiscal 2011 Monde Selection Gold Award” proudly up or fell to the dark side of Mondo (

For cheating of Monde Selection, I’ve been picked up several times in this blog.

Nikkei Marketing is the exposure of cheating Monde Selection

The darkness of “Mondo broker” in the shadow of “local Monde” mass production

Osaka is a big pride tap water “Ya Honma” the Mondo award

Three years already since the actual situation in the widely known exposure in the Nikkei MJ everyone read it if human beings involved in the food distribution.- The consumer or the fool still.Large companies will also Asahi beer.

He is also the person who is described in Smug “Monde Selection is not a food contest An authentication standard” and.But the story requires only “compliant” as if ISO certification.

Where the use of the name of it is “the best Gold” and it is the “gold medal”, there is a Azato is aimed at consumer misunderstanding of bother.

It means winning criteria Monde has not been explicitly clear, but “taste” also would have included supposedly.It is not necessarily such a certification.The first place consumers are you aware it’s a misconception that “food contests worldwide”.If you’re winning a trumpet, and funny to be done at the same time work to solve the misunderstanding there.

I have continued to “one boycott” as dishonest manufacturers claiming the Monde award as written.Though it is enough to put in the corner of the head when you buy Why pun level only Well.

So, beer and Asahi Not even following the Suntory.After Kaa Sapporo and Kirin (phew).Orion, too useless to it’s Asahi NG.

Ask Asahi.One from me social responsibility.