Conductor is beaten to death the guests railway accident now! China

From the article of September 29, 2011: accident followed by a high-speed rail, more than 200 were injured subway cause rear-end collisions in Shanghai on the 27th, but the injury resulting in death incident happened this time.Early morning September 26, in the train towards the Anhui Hefei from Guangdong Shenzhen, injury resulting in death cases under the crew occurs, one passenger died.

0:00 around midnight on the 26th, incident at the time of K256 train arrived in (Jiangxi) Nanchang station, three of the passengers is to fight Concerning seat, male passengers of the other person is trying to arbitration of fight , beaten in three crew, was taken to a hospital but died.One of the three people crew’s train length.”Passenger was beaten will not work on the spot, three crew members walked away from the spot to see it”, the crew of another person with the train length of the suspect in the incident is criminal detention already in testimony.See article

It is a case not a ton, but the writing of Chinese Internet is laughable.If you try to catch a “plane, and meet to cancel or delay.If you try to catch a train, beaten to the crew or get rear-ended, killed.If you try to catch a bus to come across to the collapse or subsidence of the road.(Refers to the assaults of the son of famous singer that happened recently) to be beaten bumped the son of Li Jiang bi-If you drive a car.It is a rear-end collision if you try to ride the subway, or the wrong direction of travel.On foot, and to Hikareru (incidents son of senior officials ran over a citizen) son of RiTsuyoshi.If you are at home reluctantly, shop demolition is coming now “.Wawanyi1 see article Chinese article pseudonym

Of such well come out in the writing of China.There is a method to make the same kind of, the phrase also in Chinese poetry, make the rhythm in the text at a repetition.Contents dire, but I know the state of China.

To fend off criticism, Ministry of Railways seems tried Momikeso the fact stressed that it is the staff of railway-related companies, men who died that had been riding as ordinary passenger.Brawl incident of railway crew occurred in the “car, one railway injured crewman was taken to hospital but died a short article in the People’s Daily certainly.It is written with the Sep 28, “” People’s network Japanese version “, 2011.On this matter, passengers who witnessed has testified in their joint names.Chinese news video