Image of Japan is reduced and some Chinese college students, is visited Korea experience?

Study abroad preference survey of Chinese college students, it was found that was recorded second place South Korea is following in the United States.Also, that the more there is experience who visited South Korea, image of North Korea and to Japan has dropped also revealed.

The 1st, according to a report of Korea media “YTN”, the study was conducted in the period of August 15 to 30 to target the 935 university students in China.The nation you think As a result, China, second place is a Korea Japan, the 3-position is first place, “state that there is influence in Asia” would like to study abroad, first place has become South Korea the United States, at the 2-position.

In the study, a person with experience who visited South Korea, the more improved the image of South Korea, North Korea and awareness of Japan worsens the opposite was also revealed.

For such a result, to YTN, the more visits experience of “Korea, tool-San Chang Rep. of Korea Grand National Party feels familiar to South Korea.That said, “there will be a need to increase the opportunities, such as mutual visits of university students and youth exchange.

For the necessary measures for the improvement of relations China and South Korea, respondents cited “high-class dialogue of government level” most, voice then seek to expand economic exchange and cultural exchange was often.

Based on such results, YTN and “result of the awareness survey overall for Korean and university students in China, it was found to have a generally liked” and, Drama The background I told the Korean perspective, such as K-POP and is to have effect.

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(Sentence: Yumi Hayashi)

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