One hair of Takarazuka butch regent also law and of iron, which is not supposed to drop on the forehead

Takarazuka Revue that has produced ground Mao (55), Kuroki Hitomi (50), and Amami Yuki (44), the actress many.To join in the Takarazuka Revue, that studied at Takarazukaongakugakko of two-year and graduate, he has become a minimum requirement, but the school spirit is known in the severity of manners.

It is said freshman preparatory course students, second-year students and undergraduates, is inculcated from regular student is a senior, and all the rules of the day-to-day cleaning and the preparatory department student.Severity of this rule, fineness is unique in addition.

I language is not allowed in the hallway of the “school, when in a row, and walk Tsureda~tsu a field trip along the wall is two rows, that you care about upperclassman always, show a smiling face even, is rare preparatory course students up and down the stairs.I think that’s the reason to get on the end of the train, it called for, the regular student and teacher is likely to guide the preparatory course students.In addition, there seems to be meaningful because it is the organization that belongs to the Hankyu Corporation, and Rei, for customers who use the train Takarazuka “(OG 87 graduating class)

I determined also finely dressed.Uniform of gray, in addition to the school cap, and is limited to clothes navy blue, black, white, brown tri-fold white socks, black shoes, even in private, what brand and accessories should be prohibited.

Apart from this uniform, and also provide a hakama and green kimono of black crested kimono to wear in the graduation ceremony and entrance ceremony.

Hairstyle, is determined butch is regent in short, a woman officer and braid was woven tightly to the point of a brush.Skeleton, such as height and back, the male role, the role that a woman is determined while in school. Mr. Higa SatoKinuko as butch of Moon Troupe, was active in the name of Asabuki Yui mosquito says.

The “after admission, do I have to use care in the place where it is not considered in my life up until that time, was very.Also hair you have to regent, or fall on the forehead even one of, I do not have any loose hair.It had been said to be “Keep your firmly tap much Fumeru in bangs” ”

Courtesy between the seniors and juniors also severely, If you see the shape of a senior, make a speech at standing at attention even if the distance,.If you see the seniors to try to enter the room, you can quickly ran quickly always, opening the door.

There is a class ballet, vocal in “This morning, the Japanese dance lessons, musical instruments, dance and music theory in the afternoon across the lunch break.It was always a rush because it is 10 minutes to break even before the change into kimono.In 10 minutes, I have to make do as well and apologize “was a kind of rude come now”, regardless or change into kimono from leotard, if rude to seniors, then the either unaware seniors noticed? ” (OG 87 of graduating class)

I do not have a moment your mind is also comforting for a beat.In addition to these rules, it’s reportedly talking Speaking of Takarazuka, it’s cleaning.

Cleaning taught underclassman to upperclassman from generation to generation, and he is told, but it swept with a broom, it’s put a rag is natural.After it has been wiped, and wrapped around the hand adhesive tape, such as lessons field dance, take it, but do not neglect the one hair of course wood chips.

“To practice barefoot much so, because it is very thorn etc. when stuck,” said Csaba Tatsuya’s writer to study the Takarazuka Revue history at Osaka University says.

Some of the students to clean with a cotton swab, between the keyboard and the piano keyboard.

“Class is from 9:00 in the morning, but I will start cleaning the 7:30.Field lessons, classrooms, restrooms, and polished to roe and corner.There are senior toilets that “was beautiful and much Ru Nekorobe”, but is true “(OG 87 graduating class)

Fifty years ago, OG of 48 graduating class of admission in 1960 says.

“Students use a rag, I had to clean every corner of the toilet”

Among the “for wind tomorrow” book, Amami Yuki as much as you are writing and .Cleaning charge of the location of the Amami was a corridor, but wearing, is multiplied by the mop, it was getting rid of the dust thoroughly with adhesive tape still.

Say Since moving to the new school building in 1998, that the students to the toilet cleaning and no longer, but it is performed by the students themselves still cleaning, such as classroom.

※ 13 Oct. 2011 Seven Women