Enta [vitamin] ♪, even though it sold terribly “, it was a pity.Was “unprecedented, break Oriraji.

How to sell of the comedy duo Oriental Radio “saga” story era, it’s said to have been exceptions in exception even Yoshimoto a long history.The big break shortly after debut, how about I wonder was watching, they got to have up to crown program in the blink of an eye.

YOU acting as the MC of broadcasting October 2 “weather real intention” of (TBS system) says while recollection, the first time the activities of the Oriental radio at the time.

“State MAX” immediately, if Oriental radio will do to the future “with start performing arts activities.YOU that had been stunned with “.And, will be popular fall immediately – I was able to be expected that.Would have been worried about the decline in popularity even themselves, but it was a work of much no time to think calmly at the time., Even though it sold terribly “, Oriental radio was a pity.”

The program of the day, it was talk of Sakai Masaaki that loved him and (Oriental Radio) Shingo Fujimori.Sakai was also very popular band in the “Spiders” as a teenager, but it’s so experienced a painful dues-paying of a few years earlier.Oriental radio there was no early years such, he was not able to recognize themselves that no longer can choose the work is no longer popular.The Atarichirashi and managers to “office, had been complaining.Fujimori says “.If it was originally have spent without knowing the important challenges that experience when I was a rookie, Oriental Radio.To be prepared “to endure, put up with” that is there was no at all they.

According to an expect YOU, it was natural to disappear “if that how to sell their.Called “.I admire – and Oriental Radio, which has been revived in the limelight is also great, that’s why.Character of “man Chara” Fujimori now and have a pretty unreasonable, and often see it from being suspended from the top co-star in the variety show.Did you tired of playing the “Chara man”, when you are, with a distant look in his eyes are many and there when it is not being reflected in the camera, it has been testimony in a certain program.But if Fujimori now, do not not not care at all, such as “Chara man” criticism.If you do not make an effort equivalent “, they did not come back again is YOU.I think Oriental radio right now, and it is a result of the efforts of Futari.This time, the only such comments without serious laughter were almost as impressive “.
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· “Stakes, friendship.The words of “Oriraji Nakata, childhood friend is stunned.
Oriental radio rainy day game punishment.He graduated from good together in the studio outside location.
· Popularity of Oriraji Fujimori is to rock bottom.Human nature and circumstances of savings entertainer that has been washed out.
-Two of Oriraji, did not work as well mouth outside of work.
And results of Oriraji overprotective? the end of the regular program successive
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