Physical examination path drama actress “guarantee and potential audience rating” Top 100 latest full disclosure (2)

It’s Ashida Aina (7) to have been ranked in third place, and break drama “Marumonookite” in (Fuji), caused a child actor boom in world.Potential audience share is 11.8%.Gallatin also played a 3A class entering child actor world’s first.
“Put out the Ashida wants a” number has become the slogan in the field of “casting.For us to basic appearance schedule if the open without a picky of work, received the staff is also good.The combined revenue, such as CM and variety show, will more than ¥ 100 million to annual income “(entertainment professional stakeholders)

Below 4 is, he followed (26), Ueno Juri (25), and Kitagawa Keiko (25) Ueto Aya but ….
First Ueto to reign as queen CM.It’s never better Koushitomoni state is a big hit drama “absolute zero” the (Fuji).
“CM appearance number of top off the charts in twenty-two.Production of Part 3 also determines where “absolute ~”, movie bathing scene she was folded into everywhere “Thermae Romae,” is published in the new year.EXILE HIRO and of which is said to be private life and marriage countdown, during adjustment towards the end of the year announcement of engagement “(entertainment professional stakeholders)

On the other hand, it can not hide his irritation while recording a more than 11% potential audience rating, but Ueno serve a leading role in “Sengoku – Jiang – Hime who” NHK Taiga Drama.possibility of viewing rate is sluggish, enter the 10 worst of the drama he has been talked about.
I got exposed to the world the competence of his lack of by differentiation of acting as “modern drama is over Kazu Hatsu, the taiga.This time, the potential audience rating were high in the underlying strength of NHK taiga, it is not a power of Ueno.Ranking next to dive further.In fact, Offers from commercial broadcasting is zero “(stakeholders)

Kitagawa has been reported with the ardent love of handsome many also recorded a more than 11% potential audience rating.”After dinner solve the mystery” of attention this time drama to be broadcast in the fall If nothing else (Fuji).It is said that is rumored relationship with Sakurai Sho storm to co-star as early as suspicious.
It is called “lip diabolical” pouty mouth of “Kitagawa.It is said would have been driven by the urge to kiss unconsciously just to look at the lips.Mukai Osamu is also an actor and Yamashita Tomohisa NEWS that past, became a rumor, have the same story all “(broadcast writer)
And as seen ardent love revelation of Kitagawa and Sakurai is only a matter of time.