[Tabloid show report] mothers rises to decontamination work! I can not wait for national and local governments

Decontamination of radioactive material Fukushima does not progress.In reality since January next year, and tackle the country is serious about the mothers began to move to the decontamination themselves to be “not wait in order to protect the child”.Kasai Shinsuke Anna told the pattern.

Elementary school in Koriyama, Fukushima Prefecture pool city yard and protective clothing, mask, rubber gloves.I went the decontamination work of gutter, which is said to be 230 mothers who Saturday afternoon October 1 of (2011), hardened mask, rubber gloves to protective clothing, school grounds and pool, radioactive material is easy to collect.

  There is also a part that I think radiation dose of “pool of high and know, to be honest scary, but mother thinks everyone and can not afford waiting for the government and country.Do not just looking vaguely.Speak to be “running on only a desire to protect the children.

However, it’s school zone untouched children through.gravel road dust is likely to start in many cases, weeds are growing in stature as the children along the road.There is also a place of hourly 1.2 micro sievert of 5 times the reference Nakaniwa, but there is no place to store such as soil protection who even if the decontamination.

Full-scale decontamination of the country was changed to 1 mSv from 5 mSv per year to its original area to perform the decontamination country is responsible from January next year, but that, in Fukushima Prefecture applicable local expanded to 60% of the entire county.According to the Ministry of the Environment, cabinet decision of decontamination policy in November, enforcement is scheduled for January next year, and no choice but to let the local government status quo.

In, municipality or running.sentence like the following is on the cover of “radiation dose reduction measures in living space” Fukushima disaster task force is created and distributed in July this year

“In order to defend from the effects of radioactive material the children of Fukushima, now, to think for themselves what can be done, Let’s act themselves to us.”

Kasai Shinsuke Ana amazed.

“I’m realistic province will be” decontaminated “rather than,’s ask the” Please think and act in “their residents”

Tomoaki Ogura moderator I wonder consisting of copper “.I lament the ~ “I do not see a result.Fukuda Kazuya also the writer and “I will re-question anew the relationship of self-government and state this happens”

Current status of Fukushima and is “not wait there.”.Loach cabinet you going you are sleeping in the mud forever.Get your head out of the clouds soon!

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