I ordered the tuna sashimi and Eihire 6-year-old eldest son of tavern Tsuchiya Anna

Fresh fish and organic vegetables hideaway Tapas in Tokyo selling.The store is packed, was resorting Tsuchiya Anna (27) 20 people even if Haile.However, 29 days after September husband Kikuchi Yamato suspect (30) was arrested on suspicion of injury and obstructing executive officers, the figure of Anna no longer be apparent To Patari at the store.

If I talk Nantes – I do not look at the recent “Anna, surprised to hear the person who was in the shop.Seven days a week, almost every night, and seemed to eat for dinner in this pub ”

The Anna, there are two boys of one and a half year old 6 years old.

Sometimes I saw a toting a “child.I’ve been raising the baby food that you bring to the boy of small but still below, the top boy had ordered a sashimi of tuna and Eihire yourself.I was enjoy the Oyajimeshi the whole family “(regular customer in the store)

There was also that the spirit is what is left over there is the eldest son, and thus entered the kitchen, but in such a case, Anna had scolded severely.

※ 27 Oct. 2011 Seven Women