Yunaku of supernova is “waiting!” Farewell … and tears fan

Star of six sparkling always [the 16th, Saitama Super Arena = KEJ depreciation Hana], Fan Meeting of supernova has been held at the Saitama Super Arena on the 16th.It is a first performance at the Saitama Super Arena, There is only event ahead after nine days of the enlisted leader Yunaku, fans of 20 000 people gathered.Supernovae singing “By Your Side” in the sweet singing voice, appeared from both sides of the audience.In music talk show, I tried to transfer talk and video, live through the history of ever from ’05 that supernova was formed and subsequently.

The Yunaku of how the interest was to recall a few years spent together with fans, special time is given.From members of the supernova, it is “time complain about” hear the word you did not say until now.The Jihyoku shouted to be “!’m To wait even 30 minutes the other members for being late every day what”, and presents a watch to Yunaku, says “!’m’re Not supposed to wear late in the army”, the fan laughing.Also among the members of the “supernova, who do you like most of jae?Yunaku also in a hurry to the question, “I repeated the word of” I love “everyone.

Supernovae showed off “I want to deliver to you right now,” “Super Star ~ Reborn” and “Shining Star”, a hit song.Special stage of one person Yunaku was also opened for fan.For everyone, Yunaku you sing the song of Thoreau debuted, was recorded two days ago “This song.The “commented sing to fix a better song two years later you come back from the army, and was impressed by the fan.Also Yunaku told a farewell to fans on the third floor 2 Cuyahoga riding a big balloon.

After greeting with balloons has finished, supernova that was aligned in six to stage.Messages and one person members to send to Yunaku, letter of Yunaku is published, the voice of a fan to provide support and “‘m waiting!” Or “! Ganbare” in the cry has increased the venue.”I am the leader of the supernova, but the leader is the fans for me.Everyone should become the leader of the supernova in the future “is Yunaku you have to clear the”.With “, I asked the supernova.All members of the supernova show tears, and expressed the sadness of parting indescribable when you sing the “4U” in the last song.

The enlistment of Yunaku, and active in five people for a while supernova Hako-rakara.It is scheduled to continue mini album that was released on the 12th to leave “4U”, is published “After ☆ School of our” 2nd supernova movie on November 5.