Parody CM Erica like “… Apart” and “I was beaten” (Terry)

Title of (I wonder worthy of her current actress?Appeared in the CM was to parody word that caused the uproar once Sawajiri Erika), a “… Apart” and “Snickers”.Yesterday, on-air is the start, I have also appeared in recital -.

It was not also not considered news, which corresponds to the top handling in clean! This, but remained in the entertainment corner in the second half of the program, to the sober little treats in fact.

I funny “.I do not complain “is (October 18, 2011) this morning, forest Maki announcer of Nippon Tele large ace rookie of the Yomiuri Giants large, and Sawamura Takuichi have been extensively reported news of the carry of marriage, It might had been eaten in it.

Terry Ito commentator sounds funny “.Acclaimed Once done this, and “I do not complain.

“Disadvantage too much equipment, because I have heard,” said a high in the eyes of comedian also Koji Kato moderator (?Had been) evaluated.