The Tsu Na send in such a mono Pack! Bursting at the post office “specimen of dysentery”

“You What, this!?”.Terry Ito, shouting in a tone that took you do not believe.At the post office of Mito, Ibaraki Prefecture, Yu pack specimen of dysentery has entered has burst – it is in the first word of hearing the news of the.

Where on the basis of the article of the National Institute of Infectious Diseases addressed to Tokyo Shimbun from Ibaraki Prefecture Institute of Health, Koji Kato moderator tell a dummy voice, it sent Ibaraki Prefecture Institute of Health is devoted to the National Institute of Infectious Diseases was luggage.I was chilled in dry ice, but dry ice vaporizes a bug of something, luggage that splattered around.The site, people wearing protective clothing is likely I had come a lot.

Hayama Erenuana as “!? Er”.Terry “Is not it scary, this,” and.

“I Is not it a great thing” and “it is I think when I thought, and I have sent a pack Yu specimens of dysentery, it’s a scary story, but” (Kato)

Studio end up in full “scary”, was not the person who civilize the correct way afraid of dysentery specimen.