[US BBS] Why you’ll love a Japan?”There is no appeal to other countries”

Q & A site of the United States in the “howdopeople”, why wonder there are an enthusiastic fan of Japan to the United States?I have posed the question and.Below, I have translated into Japanese writing in English.Rustic and impressions of editing unit in ().

———————– ● main thread: What Will there are an enthusiastic fan of Japan to the United States why?Do you think why people a Japanese favorite and I feel a strong affection and passion that far?


● Have you stayed in Japan for two years leonard h, but the Japanese have a very strong mental power, humorous.Also, are you proud to work also impressive.I think Japanese people’s friendly with generous that’s the influence of Japanese culture.The innovative While traditionalists, unique culture with an aesthetic sense that has been refined, I’m attractive for Americans.

● I think Samurai Japan Americans, the’s a time that must be attention to the world of non-domestic.(There are also economic issues in the United States certainly, the eyes might be facing in other countries compared to earlier)

● people of Nyah Kon majority, began to have a strong interest in Japanese culture under the influence of the media in Japan.And became interested in history and Japanese anime and manga, such as from the game, I go addicted gradually.(Case that young people of the United States who grew up in the anime in childhood, interested in Japan after that it seems that many)

● say Japanophile those guys perfectlybaked, but I think the opportunity for such people has increased perhaps, Japan is because is shining.I is drawn in particular to the latest equipment made in the compact not in the United States.

● I think that there is no appeal to other countries to Rabbityama Japan.I think it when I received a Japanese class, then Japan can understand the feelings of my favorite people.

● I think people who are Japan favorite kyodai kame majority, and he likes as a nation of anime and manga.But, Japan hobby actually Europeans of the 19th century also idolized in Japan, called “Japonisme” was epidemic.

(Editors: Tajima Hal Koji Yamaguchi)