Realities of food contamination “mushroom, chestnut, ginkgo, Berry …” by radiation should be noted

Cesium rice, cattle cesium, cesium tea – after the accident of Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, a number of food that exceeds the provisional reference value that has been making headlines the media.So, because it was something that would put into the body, it becomes really sensitive to food safety.However, there is almost no way of knowing what you are eating is safe or how much consumers and anything to eat and too much commitment disappears.It relieves anxiety, and what to do to come to terms.In Nico Nico live broadcast of October 21, 2011, on the theme of “close to reality of food contamination by radiation”, five experts were lecture the basic idea.Among these, Katsukawa Toshio of Mie University associate professor, said it should be noted what food specifically.

■ The “Food should be noted” that was derived from the example of Chernobyl

Program at the beginning, Mr. Katsukawa to discuss provisional reference value of food.In Japan, set “5mSv / year” and (Sv = sievert) the upper limit of the internal exposure by (+ strontium) of radioactive cesium, 1mSv each are allocated to food five categories this.Then, using the data of the average amount of adult, infant, baby eats per day, respectively, so as not to exceed the 1mSv / year, and it is calculated how many becquerels do you should by suppressing the radioactivity food emitted.However, of the five categories, has not been detected almost from dairy products and drinking water at present, to become a real problem it’s so become the three vegetables, cereals, meat, eggs, fish and shellfish.By continuing to eat the food of the reference value last minute, it does not reach the 5mSv so 3mSv in three if.

So, what should be noted what food specifically.Using the measured data, said Katsukawa will explain the tendency.First, focusing on leafy vegetables in the field of vegetable.In leafy vegetables, such as spinach, which became a problem often, immediately after the earthquake, which exceeds the reference value in the many items are found.However, much lower figures only been detected in the current.This radioactive material was attached to the surface of the leaves is because was shed in the rain and in the early stages.When the data from the current amount that was sucked up into the leafy vegetables inside roots at the moment that little.It seems good to see there is a need in the future, what numerical value if there are any when radioactive material was penetrated closer to the roots more, while examining to continue, but the risk was considerably reduced.On the other hand, from the example of Chernobyl that had ever nuclear accident, as things that need attention in the future, Katsukawa Mr. cited three mushrooms, nuts (chestnut, ginkgo), berry.

■ “provisional standard value whether the forever” provisional “”

In meat, cattle are blanket testing, and minute pig-chicken has been used is imported feed, the numbers low.Need to pay attention to the opposite, it’s wild animals such as deer and wild boar.In fish, high value is what came out immediately after the earthquake small fish (Kounago-whitebait), but has come down gradually peak has passed now.The greenling, flounder Suzuki that prey on these small fish in reverse, numeric are extended, “I think You had better look at the locality is good about a year from now”.In addition, freshwater fish so that inhabit the place ion is small, easy to Tamekomi the generally cesium, that we need to be careful.

Criticism provisional reference value of Japan that loose compared to overseas have also been many.For this, it becomes impossible to supply food reference value is too low, and from the risk of internal exposure is increased too high, Katsukawa said, show some understanding of “drawing has been difficult in the state of unknown contamination,” said But,

It always was “provisional” did not know “accident or become what form, but generally, the state of the food I’m such not know now.So, I think I wonder how long does a provisional.I think more, and I want you to set the low reference values, such as suppressing the internal exposure.Told, however, and “I think Na want shows an overall view this is not just the internal exposure, including the external exposure, that will protect the public from radiation at a total.

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