“I was complicit in taking trick donations of yakuza” homeless confession

Donations gathered from all over the country for the people of Tohoku affected by the disaster amounted to about 300 billion yen.However, some of which have been within the bosom of the gang.Some homeless people were complicit in the act, was confession confession the mechanism of up deceiving donations.

“I was” the victim of the Northeast “” – A’s to haunt the park in Chiba Prefecture (57) began to speak in this voice like squeezing.

Inception was around the time it was only about a week from the earthquake.From gangsters who had received the collection, “and because I’ll reduce the debt, Come go to B city of Miyagi Prefecture,” Mr. A who was homeless living in the park for the past three years at the end of accumulated debt, and that was ordered.

homeless middle-aged like me had eight people aboard the bus that “yakuza were prepared.Upon arrival, it’s’s tumbling to the shelter remains is directed to a man that has been in passenger bus.He seems handed face considerable local, I explained that it is set “in the migrant workers who had come to work in B city from Chiba, had been living in a rented house of his” he said, and after a few days afflicted proof has also been issued ”

Meals are paid Nonetheless just pastries and lunch cold, shelter life was not a bother at all for the A’s homeless.

I was glad to only Shinogeru the “wind and rain.It was seen in the eyes of “‘ll have the guy unfamiliar” from the surroundings at first, but while you are helping and debris removal, it had become in existence to be relying from elderly shelter ”

But, such a “shelter” and ends in about two months.From the man of the boss of a territory, and he was the instruction of “Come apply for donations to go to the window of the city”.

It was dubious whether accepted but there is no “resident card, but, surprisingly, issued easily.It was as found mechanically if there is afflicted proof.It was allowed to shelter life to me, it probably was because you do not want the suspicious from the surroundings ”

If there is proof that had been living in “our city, social welfare department of the City B also admits even if there is no resident card.Will be described in donations and “will be credited even if the evacuation area, the prefecture then.There is no room to examine the “person affected false” in of Dosakusa it would place unavoidable.

It was down to the A’s certification of “large-scale partially destroyed household”.It is possible to receive 750,000 yen several times in the provision of B city.

Application is accepted Ya, A’s were put on the bus bound for Chiba.

Homeless when headed to City B “2 months ago was also with some.You probably had to play the same role as me. ”

Gangster who approached the northeast bound to Mr. A to belong to, there was a wide area specified gang.The organization officials revealed this.

Up cheated of these “donations in the method of yakuza devised at the time of the Hokkaido Nansei-Oki earthquake and the Great Hanshin Earthquake, gangsters half, homeless” Dashiko “and boss of a territory is share the remaining allocation.Pattern gang is managed account you are applying for, and transfer money to the account the share of each is often ”

In the case of Mr. A that has been credited from City B is 50 several tens of thousand yen already, share of gangsters ¥ 250,000.Had to arrange eight people homeless, it is 2 million yen by itself.

The only series of “We, 20 to 30 group has been dispatched to various parts of the Northeast.Kane nearly 50 million yen because I come tumbling in just arrange the bus, there is no easy surpass this much “(same as above)

Ms. A look back beg own behavior.

At the thought of everyone of the victims were in contact with me gently to yourself “shelter, it is full of feeling sorry.It remains in the Northeast as it is, there are also those who are working as day laborers in construction work and removal of rubble to homeless fellow.If that I can be, I want to work for the victims really now ”

※ 4 the November 2011 Shukan Post