[Entertainment vitamin ♪ “was Tsu maintain a face because of Ariyoshi”.Komori shock confession formatting.

Komori active in the model, as a talent.Such Komori has appeared in the TV program “London Hearts”, and he revealed the reason for undergoing plastic surgery.

Komori, who appeared planning of broadcast November 1 “London Hearts” of the (TV Asahi), the “Association of Ariyoshi victim”.As one of the celebrities complain that it has received a great deal of damage from Ariyoshi Hiroyuki comedian, has emerged as Yuji and colleagues JOY Talent.

Because of the “Ariyoshi, that Komori wants to appeal this time, no longer called charisma Busukyara model is established.It was that “.The Komori, is compared with the charismatic model Masuwaka Tsubasa same magazine “Popteen” born, “this time I also was supposed to have issued a CD as Masuwaka.I complain and “.It is called “Busumoderu” to Ariyoshi of invective from the previous king, Komori seemed to care equivalent.

And in the wake of what was said to be “ugly” to Ariyoshi, Komori he confessed that it was injected hyaluronic acid in the nose, and had undergone plastic surgery of wrinkles poppy forehead.The Komori, it revealed that it had received the shaping of the eye on a TV show before, was such that there is no much resistance with respect to plastic surgery, but the face is lost as “fiddling.I confided also worries of shaping experience and unique “.

Then, Ariyoshi became beautiful in “The Marriage.You have to follow the “but complex of the face did not seem disappeared Komori.

Married to a man who runs a clothing company on July 7 this year, it’s Komori filled with happiness, but worries about the face does not seem to run out.
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