Koki Kameda disappointing! This time also defense and also “opponent winning”!

December 7, Kameda gym held at the end of the year the annual “Kameda Festival” at Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium.In the tournament, (20) is stepping aligned (22), the third son-KazuAtsushi (24), second son, Daiki eldest son, Koki.

November 3, in preparation for battle, three brothers were starting to Philippines camp.It is was announced here, opponents in the tournament of Koki is a WBA world bantamweight champion.Making a defense of his third 12 of Mario Macias same class (26 = Mexico) it was decided to Koki.KazuAtsushi of WBC world bantamweight 9 performs a world prelude # 22 Eduardo Garcia same class (31 = Mexico).Once again, this announcement was discouraged officials, the fan.

Until now, Kameda brothers have continued to be referred to as the “do not do a world war only with the other party winning”.V1 races (5, 7 Osaka) Daniel Diaz of 14 ranking (Nicaragua), V2 against Koki dash after the throne at the end of last year, and was appointed to the other party of defensive war actually is, (August 31 Japan David Deramora of 8 ranking and (Mexico), anonymous players rank lower in Budokan).Exactly, I’ve been the choice “opponent winning”.

However, the phrase “I want to do the big match at the end of the year”, the first half of this year, Koki had spotted up a match with big-time player in the “Kameda Festival”.The V1 after a successful 5-7 Osaka, I had hoped the match Jorge Arce who achieved world domination of class 4 and (Mexico).Direction that was expected “big match what this truly” is often.However, a determined opponent players that do not contain even 10 ranking.

Big money is required to play with the big-time player, there is also a case that negotiations end in failure.However, it’s just if it is unexpected beat, and the top ranking players, I want you to matchmaking at least.Koki had said, “Maine this time Daiki” in stage of the card before the announcement, but it was implied to be a matchmaking low degree of attention.Daiki is negotiating the challenge WBA world super flyweight interim champion, Shin one char Teparitto to (Thailand).That it referred to the challenge of “interim champion” rather than a regular king, Daiki, which aims to 2 class domination, Kameda flow indeed this also.

The Mr. A sports writer, in case unavoidable, and than was doing just the other party winning every time, negotiations with the “big-time player is not settled is, fans than forsake the truly? Because I can not have the interest in the game.I Teisu the candid advice’m this, (broadcast the game) TBS and “I will become steadily, to Ioka (IchiSho) bias.
(Ichiro Ochiai)

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