“Queen fool your new” industry is abuzz rampage in “Shabekuri 007”

Suzuki Nana (23) of the popular model, who appeared in the broadcast “Shabekuri 007” (Japan TV system) than 22:00 that by November 7.

[I see more photos of the new silly Queen Nana Suzuki]

Shitashimareru Suzuki Nana nicknamed “Naa-chan” is popular reader model for active mainly teen magazines such as “Popteen”.Since its victory in the planning that determines the fool of the entertainment industry the position of the “palace pike! Dance”, starring offer has been flooded as a “new foolish Queen”.

◆ answered “7 × 2 = 2”

Naa-chan that is allowed to burst the foolish sore inborn, had most of the MC team even “Shabekuri 007”.A program to show off and foolish legends of industry abuzz “not sing the song of ABC” and “not true for ninety-nine”, such as the episode that was relegated to nine up dropped out of “1” in high school, a witty talk was heaped.

After the broadcast, the blog of Nana Suzuki

· “~ \\ Was cute! That became fan (^ o ^) /”
· “You’re foolish character! (Laughs) increasing popularity of ultimate!”
· “(Laughs) was lovely in the foolish Nana (& gt; ∀ & lt;) ☆”
· “I will have a sense of laughter chan Naa (*’д` *) ★ ”

Such as, comments 700 reviews over flooded.Great response has been received from the audience was fascinated by characters lovable and the gesture cute.(Model Press)

■ Suzuki Nana (Nana Suzuki)
July 9, 1988 birthday
Blood type B
Hometown Ibaraki Prefecture
Height: 154cm
Weight 40.9kg
Playing hobby makeup, fashion, diet, with friends, shopping
Places feats Ijirarekyara
Masuwaka Tsubasa, Hamasaki Ayumi longing

In handshake meeting that took part and you can view a glance Masuwaka Tsubasa of longing, model debut is scout in “Popteen” from Masuwaka Tsubasa person.(January 2007 issue)

Announces graduation from the magazine “Popteen” in the December issue of the released November 1, 2011, devoted to the talent industry.Blog spelled your Noroke boyfriend and (Saio) is also very popular.

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