[Entertainment vitamin ♪ “The Masu have only a little”.Yamamoto Yusuke is Porori the real intention for “dating” in the pursuit of moderator.

Was talking about it is scheduled to be Yamamoto Yusuke actor, sister to marry on television.Topic and continue to expand the dating of Yamamoto himself from there, he’s also had to mouth the real intention with in order to question the moderator has been repeated many times.

There are brother and sister to Yamamoto Yusuke (23), but in the place where it was said he was broadcast on November 8 in the “Raion’nogokigen’you”, my sister gave that one years older.When asked as “I wonder why it beautiful kit” from one aircraft Kozakai moderator, he had answered “very similar to me”.

Without even face to face with the family only about New Year Yamamoto Yusuke also so busy, my sister also did not take the most contact.But it was revealed that there are boyfriend of hairdresser also myself on top which receives an interview from the TV program the other day that there is the older sister, was talking about Yamamoto Yusuke.And that was amazed to see it also Yamamoto.

It was about three weeks from it, there was a call from the mother Yamamoto Yusuke.It’s was the errand referred to as “wants to take four tickets because I want to go to watch the stage (Yamamoto),” but the mother that we have said, “Oh, with it is because my sister married” and to add then some.

Yamamoto Yusuke was dissatisfied little “I’m not receiving the report from the sister directly,” but it was that shotgun marriage According to what I heard from the mother.The “I want to tell the” Congratulations “to sister to take this opportunity”, Yamamoto was blessed sister from the TV.And he’s said, “because she has that going out for many years, it would probably get married” and it also reveals the presence of a brother, “Actually, I’m some 20-year-old brother,” said.

Yamamoto Yusuke is to say “I feel like I was left behind to” and when it comes to state that only you are not married in the three brothers.So “But, I thought you she has is Kozakai?When you hear, “he denied so as to block with both hands and say”, and “I’m not really.However, the pursuit of one aircraft Kozakai was insistent.I do not believe in the words of Yamamoto “Although I answered” no “on the show ever! Had three people who had been dating news the next day,” said.Yamamoto also to deny the existence of a dating partner with a strong tone and “No, I do not really,” said, “But, Kozakai would be popular among?I changed and questions “.Moreover, you will not think … Mote hate “is Kozakai?Was re-question with a twist and “.Yamamoto Yusuke that have been questions in quick succession was pondering for a while, but it is has it a rainy day Moteru declaration “only a little, Masu Mote” and eventually.Kozakai also not you say “Why can I” not be popular “on the surprising reply?I got in a hurry to reverse the “.

I was talking about the reason “work is busy right now, and from interesting,” said Yamamoto Yusuke and affirm “only a little, and Masu Mote, but I have not she” and further.It is he that is played with Kimura Takuya drama “Antarctica” for now, busy day-to-day stage and movies and will continue.Marriageable age is likely the slowest in three brothers still.
(TechinsightJapan editorial department Izumi Maki)

• No stunt any.I talk about Gonzo shooting Yamamoto Yusuke, of “tumbling” threat.
• Do not fit in 60 minutes per episode.Was confronted by “Kimutaku myth” reincarnation “Antarctica”.
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