Play Tsumaottoki “Nobita” is huge public interest in CM! Live-action plan “Doraemon” has been started from 1972?

This is called the topic national cartoon “Doraemon” is a live-action TV CM.

The CM has drawn the world of Doraemon of 20 years, Naoya Ogawa has served Tsumabuki Satoshi the Nobi Nobita role, a role Gian.Only wife husband tree that has established itself as a certain handsome actor, Nobita role than does not suit the? It had been worried about with, but that voice! “Want to see the next installment soon” are also up in as popular surprisingly the net.

Well, it would be people who are worried about is a hero “Doraemon” is what is live-action How do we come this happens often.Is the first ever this if there is accustomed past Doraemon had appeared in “Tetsukonoheya” as a CG character once, but when you appeared as a person in the live-action.

But, in fact, a few years before it becomes anime, there was a plan to make live-action drama really what the “Doraemon”.

Was launched this project Co. Pee Production.Special effects professional video, which has been making many a real hero thing “Ambassador Magma” and “spectrum Man”.Planning live action “Doraemon” was stood up in 1972.It seems that was quick as most Video Planning of Doraemon, was brought It was without Fuji TV in TV Asahi.

Now, it sounds ridiculous planning quite to think, but chick type of costume that also had been manufactured actually seemed strangely high spirits is of Fujiko Fujio twain is an original author.It is handed down as an episode of legendary among fans, unfortunately, was not able to see the light of day this project, but the proposal is still extant.

If you think about it, the prime children’s special effects drama’s 60 to 70.Various cartoon and “bad husband de Mar” and “Gigantor” have been live-action.More than 30 years ago that Katori Shingo plays Fujiko Fujio also works the same, this had been live action “Ninja Hattori-kun”.works with a fairly impact actor adult suffered the face of the Hattori as it is, this “live-action Hattori-kun” was planting a big trauma in children, which has been seen at that time Chinami.

It was said in the video industry “live-action children’s cartoon does not hit,” said a long time, but the drama of the “non-all Humanoid Monster” has obtained an evaluation by the condition addicted cast and costume wearing in recent years, the trend has changed somewhat seems to have been.

It might be a show of force to self-confidence is attached to the live-action cartoon also appeared in “live-action Doraemon CM”.(Yasunaga YukariYoshihiko)

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