[Entertainment vitamin ♪ “money enters even now for those that”.Tamori and Uzakiryudo talks about the retirement of Yamaguchi Momoe.

For Yamaguchi Momoe boasted enormous popularity as an actress and singer “good laugh! Uzakiryudo that has appeared in the “told.Only Uzaki you have worked on the hit songs of Yamaguchi Momoe, and I also know how in private there she both exchanges after retirement.

Popularity of active duty at the time of Yamaguchi Momoe is told as legend, still now has many fans.She continues the activities and movies singer, and drama when you debut in 1973, but retired from the entertainment industry at the same time as the engagement in 1980.Actor husband, Miura Tomokazu is also active now, but Yamaguchi Momoe without any entertainment activities in retirement, you do not show up very little in the media.It feel mysteriously her presence, deep-rooted factors has many fans both have become.

It was broadcast on November 11 “good laugh! Uzakiryudo (65) of the musicians who appeared on Telephone Shocking “is talked about such Yamaguchi Momoe.Is talk of the CM during the 13th this is “a good laugh! It’s contents when it is broadcast in the special edition “.

Uzakiryudo talked about royalties Yamaguchi Momoe “money because it also contains now towards that,” said.He would say the fact that it was revealed that receive the royalties himself as composer, and reliable information “to enter even to me, but royalties of CD or DVD is’m coming even now,” said.Tamori of moderator royalties life entering or may not be “What in the story.I had expressed an interest and “It is an ideal pattern.

Tamori is also was revealed episodes of Yamaguchi Momoe Continue.He says “In the past, I met live Chageasu of (CHAGE and ASKA) to Momoe-chan after retirement,” said.But, it seems did not know that it is “Momoe-chan” for a while because she was Nomeiku.

Uzakiryudo was testimony to be “because I have been off the” Momoe Yamaguchi “usually” against it.There was that when Yamaguchi Momoe to shop at the supermarket, to the sign in such as a credit card.After you sign the “Momoe Miura” she, the clerk is the case said, “It is your name the same as the famous singer”.

He served as a vocal rock band Peaky SALT at (dormant), Takahiro Miura of the second son has become the eldest son of actor Yamaguchi Momoe, Miura YuTaro.Sign that while there is in such a family entertainer, Yamaguchi Momoe micelles its appearance again’m unlikely to.
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