TBS “Antarctica” viewing rate 1 digit close? “Kimutaku myth” was completely destroyed

Viewing rate 60 anniversary drama TBS started broadcasting of “Antarctica” will not stop down.First broadcast was a strong 22.2%, but the 5th broadcast November 13, 2011 was 13.2%.That there is a possibility that is have some experts to see “It’s a way of falling forsaken from the audience”, viewing rate is 1-digit.

Original production as the “truth of the Antarctic wintering team Tarojiro” Kitamura Taiichi Author is “Antarctica”.Takuya Kimura in (39), starring Sosotarumenba Ayase Haruka actress Kagawa Teruyuki san, Sakai Masato, Ogata Naoto et al firm aside, waiting for the return of people who went to the Antarctic, such as Aina Ashida’s child actor But it has appeared.

Viewing rate of potential first time to be a TBS historical large crushing defeat of the drama was recorded numbers the second highest in the drama that has been broadcast this year and 22.2 percent, but the two episodes is 19.0%, 16.9%, Episode 3, 15.8% Episode 4 It continues to fall, and became 5 episodes and 13.2% (Kanto district = Video Research survey).This results in the net,

“Wwww probably too low”
“I though not felt the cold of Antarctica, drama was cold really”
Impressions such as “Do not mon though such story of Showa, it’s Kimutaku usual ‘Cause” is out.

Was in TBS-house October 16, 11, which first was broadcast Hill between Masaaki’s entertainment critic.House audience rating and Dell,

And that was broke into cheers “Kimutaku, !!! I did indeed” and.And I guess now, Mr. Kimura criticism is, should have happened.

Changes in these viewing rate is a “how to fall abandoned from the audience”, the only work that was laid out in a big way as the 60th anniversary started broadcasting, there is a possibility that the historical large crushing defeat of TBS.

Why had fallen so.Between Mr. Hill points out first, published in 1983, and, there was a high wall movie of second place Japan Chronicles of “Antarctica” is box office revenue.The Story of Giro and taro because it very famous, stories from next she can imagine just by looking at the first.Still collect viewers It is a translation of an attractive work, but starring in “Antarctica” is TakakuraKen’s.Kimura’s called, had been compared.

Rather than Kimutaku person, which station also has attracted sponsors by saying “Kimutaku is starring” ever drama Kimura, who wanted to see the figure of members of one of the Antarctic wintering team is starring.”Antarctica” is also the same, the emphasis is placed on how you shoot the Kimura Therefore, it was allowed to proceed in accordance with the schedule of Kimura’s also shooting.Net or partly because such, Kimura and so on, have appeared with a clean face Dattari Brown defeat the era of Showa, and to live in the harsh nature of Antarctica, not the Yukiyake was or is ridicule.

Between Mr. Hill to note that the audience rating Nippon TV drama “Kaseifunomita” became 22.5 percent in the first five episodes.Matsushima Nanako’s (37)’s starring in this drama, except that it is taken firmly as a housekeeper Matsushima-san is different.

“The viewer is not want to see the story of the housekeeper.I think Antarctica is also not in Kimutaku person in the same way, I wanted to see the figure of members of one of the Antarctic wintering team, and just that “viewing rate becomes to one digit in this state, in this” Kimutaku myth ” But that there is a possibility that would collapse.