[South Korea] BBS perfusion true that very popular all over the world?”Asia is real”

Bulletin board site of South Korea in the “cycle Lian net”, in the Korean media, the author, has been reported good perfusion, beginning with K-POP all over the world is booming, but it’s a wonder it true I questioned.In contrast, various opinions were received.Below, was translated into Japanese writing by the Korean.Rustic and impressions of editing unit in ()


● main thread: bath and Mom

“K-POP is enthusiasm the world market, also actively overseas performances,” “Korean dramas to the must-haves in the living room of the foreign” and “overtaking already Japan in the technical capabilities of a variety of fields such as automobile” If you look at the recent news There are a lot of news.

Compared to earlier, South Korea achieved a development in various fields, Korea seems to be gaining momentum these days even in electronics also personally.However, I think that you have a just idea own people central excesses is dangerous.

In the case of Korean, layers mania is only supported in Europe, and I do not feel like you’re being reported on television, whole nation and are enthusiastic.Optical technologies, such as cameras, are being improved technical capabilities of Samsung recently, but still.

If you are extending the global market share in the lightning-fast speeds, even if Japan said inferior how much, and if you look at the technical capabilities and patented the number of in the United States, and is the presence of or to ignore or look down still Haier of China I do not think.


● K-POP is that the popular Coreano whole world I too say.But the popularity of KARA in Japan is real.

● K-POP popularity bath mom and a (main thread) within Asia I would be fact.It says very popular in the European side in the Korean media, but I can not agree with it.

● The difference Alberti Korea boom, Europe, the United States, in South America.Nobody knows.

● Since the late regime Homes, coverage instill the illusion to its own people is thriving.(I’s also such a view in Korea)

● It looks A nameless Korea as is developing clear, but it is still far in to leave a name in each field.(It is a harsh opinion)

● Kan-ryu are not in boom still in nameless B Europe.Love only those who like.

● The nameless C Hallyu, is popular in Southeast Asia.

● In PowerSouL Europe, and only receiving part frankly.Big boom in Asia.The net of China, Girls’ is # 1 on the female singer search rank of 2011

● bath Mom and Yes (main thread), proponents perfusion particularly in Japan there are lot of.Although there or even anti-Korean course.

● China and Japan lizard I’m Kan-ryu boom.I’ve heard a lot of K-POP in the streets of both countries.

● have are in the Boston boss my melon, Korea like many of the school children, seems to have met a barrage of questions with respect to K-POP is your child.It might also differ by age.

● My son has attended High School Mekutiemudi Boston neighborhood, but Maybe you talking Caucasian friend is often heard the K-POP on YouTube.And whatever you think of perfusion has been limited to people of Asian or Asian side yet, but may change in the global boom is not a zero.

● It is a business trip to Myanmar Pot now, but I often hear the K-POP ringtone.

● I do not know whether there is a popular Araruraranimu Asia, but there was no really popular in the West.

● young Asian women I met in the United States nameless D was speak in Korean “big brother”, “Hello” and “Thank you” is often.How will that affect the (K-POP popularity?)

● We are staying in the Dean Kane Indonesia, Korean food, Korean Department not only K-POP is also popular.

● The Ramajun popular that is different of course, but I was surprised itself there are enthusiasts of Korea in Europe.I saw a place where high school girls in Germany, has bought a CD of the Beast is a male idol group in Korea.(Nice music I will be supported across the border) (editors: RiNobue Koji Yamaguchi)