Prius to talk to a user tweets.Sales Force Toyota and alliance

Social networks and cloud is going to change the big society.Alliance of ‘and Toyota, trying to achieve in a visible manner it clearly.


I’ll show you the pattern of presentation that took place in May 23.

challenge to become a presence that car is loved

Toyota Motor Corp. President Akio Toyoda said.

March 9, announced ideal situation in Toyota, showed a way to go to “Toyota Global Vision”.”I think because of the smile, beyond expectations” to want and services for car is put.

It is thought that to challenge the new initiatives and is important in order to achieve this.So I agreed to the alliance for the joint construction with and the “Toyota Friend”.


The Toyota friends, new communication service that connects people, car, dealer, manufacturer.Toyota has developed a telematic service of its own so far, but was determined to be constructed in partnership with and the new service in conjunction with this.

January of this year, met with Marc Benioff of ‘s CEO at the Detroit Motor Show.I liked a lot the idea of ​​the proposed Toyota friends concept in that time, the car is to participate in social networks, the name “Toyota Friend”.

Car is also required for the next 100 years, I think do not challenge one to become a presence to be loved.

Through the work with and that has carved a cloud, if Toyota will be changed, you have expectations.

Marc Benioff, on stage.


It is thought that it is important for ‘that through the Great East Japan Earthquake, and to cooperate with Japan more than ever, to go to invest, you are happy sincerely to partner with Toyota.

Major changes have taken place in the mobile space now.Major social phenomenon of social networks is happening, and also are happening all over the world, not only in Japan this.Changes such as the plug-in hybrid vehicle is happening also in car.

Toyota Friend initiative, something that would present it is possible to move around social networks, such as YouTube or Faceboo mixi and car with the identity, and, to link customer, service center, as well as factory.

Chatter ‘is in this core technology.It is possible to combine the best part of Toyota and the best part of ‘by this.