Or legalize the pretext of bullying rather than prevention? The objection objection after another was established in Michigan in the “bullying Prevention Act”

Some law passed recently in the United States, Michigan, is calling ripples in the United States and abroad.With what is called “mat Safety Act” (the “safe school law of Matt” Matt’s Safe School Law ·), it is prohibited, such as harassment and bullying in schools, the law, to protect the rights and lives of children It has become a content.

The name of this law is derived from a boy who committed suicide at the age of 14 to bother with bullying repeated in 2002, Matt Epuringu Mr..In response to relentless bullying on the grounds that mat boy is gay, it has passed their own lives in the cause.This incident is a chance, “Matt Safety Law” that became the carry of establishment.

However, in some of its contents, seems there is a description, such as:.

“Does not prohibit a statement of a sincerely held religious beliefs or moral convictions from being considered bullying”

As the means, it will just as roughly following.”If it is based on belief and moral conviction religious bullying is alleged in good faith, that they do not prohibit”

In other words, as long as you see this description, even if it is bullying example, in the case or be from thought religious, like or have been made from the moral point of view, it is possible to be excluded from the prohibited I mean there is a gender.

Well, speaking of religion strongest influence in the United States, it is of course Christianity, which is one of the scriptures in the “Old Testament”, a number also is observed description to point out that is a sin for homosexuality.Specifically, “Leviticus” Chapter 18, “Genesis” and Chapter 19, “Letter to the Romans,” Chapter 1, “Letter to the Corinthians,” Chapter 6, “1 Timothy” Chapter 1 The such as, for gay men, are expressed shall disobey the road as a human or a sin, especially homosexuality.

In other words, put out inquiries to the description of the Bible of these, it is not might become possible to justify legally bullying.

This point is called the discussion immediately, “rather than bullying prevention, something equal to give a license to bully” or, criticism or question after another in the United States.Opinion has been exchanged violently even on the net.In addition, it is said Kevin Epuringu Mr. father of mat boy, and shows the meaning of opposition that the name of the son is crowned in such laws, “(this law) prejudice of official government I reportedly also made a remark such as those “to admit.

Of course, interpretation and opinion is mixed even in Christianity, that it is not only opinion to deny immediately homosexuality.However, cases or assaulted just said to be gay, that it has been abused or is not uncommon in the United States in the past.It can be said only that, the influence of Christianity is also strong.

Anyway, whereabouts of this “mat Safety Law”, it is when your operation is especially anxious.
(Statement = Hashimoto Tamaizumi)

Image ※: from “how to fix the bullying”

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